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Gangasagar Mela is famous world wide and this mela is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur in this state. This meal is regarded as one of the main fairs celebrated in West Bengal. The mela gathers thousands of devotees from different parts of the country. The fair is one of the main attractions in the winter span of West Bengal.The mela takes place in the months of December and January. Ganga is the holiest river in Hindu mythology and gaga starts her expedition in Prayag and ends her long journey t this holy place and merges with Bay of Bengal. This place is also regarded as holy destination like Prayag and so it is believed that taking holy dip in this place can cleanse all your sins. The mela explored by various foreign tourists and tourist from other religious background and thus all cultures, heritages mishmashes to from a single one. The light and the sacred atmosphere creates and enigmatic ambience that attracts tourist every year. That can be proved by the constant increment of tourists every year. After taking the holy dip the devotees visit the temple of ?Kapil Muni? a well-known sage of Indian mythology. "

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